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Ave Lucifer! Ave Lilith! Ave Leviathan!

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Ave Lucifer! Ave Lilith! Ave Leviathan!

Climate change. Mass extinction. The rise of fascism.

Capitalism is imploding and civilization is divided; at terrible odds with itself, shifting blame as systems and institutions break down and fail. We were never meant to live this way.

Through the mythos of Lucifer, Lilith and Leviathan, we grow their stories, and our own. Stories of defiance, compassion, and hope. Lucifer, the Morningstar, bringer of Enlightenment. Lilith, born of the sacred earth, giver of succor and subservient to no one. Leviathan, the dragon, spirit of righteous wrath and protection.

We care for the earth so that we may care for people, and we return the surplus to those earthly and human systems.